Who We Are

We provide quality lab furnishings backed by extensive lab design experience. Our rapid response times and attentive, detail-oriented customer service are the ideal solution for facilities managers and end-users seeking a reliable fixtures partner for their laboratory construction or redesign.

We supply custom lab fixture and design solutions for industrial and higher education facilities across the United States. With over 35 years’ experience developing lab furnishings, we at Lab Fixtures have the product knowledge, design expertise, and manufacturer relationships to get the job done right - at the right price.

Why Lab Fixtures?

Our business is centered around relationships, which is why we invest in our customers on each and every project. From quoting to delivery and installation, we use our industry experience to foresee and avoid problems and ensure our customers’ labs deliver the exact performance they need, on time and within budget.

When working with customers, we follow the “Golden Rule” by:

  • Responding quickly to requests for quote or information
  • Steering customers away from poor solutions, and towards those which will best fit their needs Providing accurate lead time forecasts and consistently over delivering
  • Fast turnaround on shop drawings and drafts, so projects can be approved and fabrication can begin quickly
  • Helping to coordinate mechanical, electrical, and plumbing trades
  • Dealing with any problems which may arise quickly and professionally
  • Providing product samples, to help customers understand the products before they purchase them
  • Consistently evaluating and improving our customer experience

A family-founded company, we value hard work, attention to detail, and relationships built on trust. We conduct business with integrity, we communicate transparently, and we are always striving to improve.

Products and Services


With the help of our established and trusted manufacturing partners, we provide a growing catalog of quality lab fixture products and services to customers across the United States.

Lab furnishing products include:

  • Epoxy Resin Countertops
  • Epoxy Resin Sinks
  • Pegboards
  • Painted Steel Cabinetry
  • Fume Hoods
  • Shelving
  • Faucets and Valves

Design and Planning Services

Our products are backed by the following services:

  • Rapid estimates and quotes
  • Lab design and space planning
  • Detailed drawings and 3D modeling
  • Product selection assistance
  • Fume hood exhaust and make-up air calculations
  • Project budgeting and cost estimating
  • Installation guidance

We take pride in our ability to accurately design and plan lab spaces. We pay close attention to details during the design process, to ensure our customers are getting exactly what they need. This means asking questions such as:

  • Is there adequate aisle space between benches?
  • What type of storage is most appropriate - cupboards, drawers or both?
  • Are there enough sitting areas in the lab?
  • Where do sinks need to be located, and how deep should they be?
  • Are air, gas and vacuum fixtures correctly located for the equipment they’ll be servicing?

We Want to be Your Partner

Choose us to be your partner to design and supply your lab fixtures. You can rely on our industry leading experience and customer service. Ask our team today for a rapid quote.