Stainless Steel Pegboard Advantages


The main advantage of stainless steel pegboards is that they are lighter than epoxy resin pegboards which make them less expensive to ship and easier to install. Typically, in labs with stainless steel countertops, the pegboards will also be stainless steel. However, stainless steel pegboards are also frequently used in labs with epoxy resin countertops. Just because the tops in your lab are epoxy resin doesn’t mean you need to install epoxy resin pegboards. You might be happier with the lighter stainless steel models.


We offer two styles of stainless steel pegboards:

The material is the same for each, 20 gauge, type 304 stainless steel, polished to a #4 finish, and both styles come with 6" white polypropylene pegs and a wall mount bracket. Drip trough pegboards, our best-selling style, include a 36" L. clear flexible tube for draining to a sink below. Drip deflector style pegboards are a simpler design and a little more economical than the drip trough style.

Stainless Steel Pegboard Advantages
Stainless Steel Pegboard with Drip Trough
Stainless Steel Pegboard Advantages
Stainless Steel Pegboard with Drip Deflector


With these pegboards, you can tailor your order to fit what you want. Custom size pegboards are available along with different peg sizes and finished backs. Available accessories include cylinder racks, baskets for small tools, pipette racks, and carboy shelves.

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