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Ergonomic Solutions for Labs

With the increase of digital technology in laboratories, we're frequently asked to furnish arms for monitors, laptops and keyboard trays. Since these are primarily office furniture components, it can be challenging to find heavy-duty products which are suitable for labs. We recently installed a laptop arm manufactured by Innovative Office Products and were impressed with the quality and ease of installation. Based on that experience, we recommend that you check out their offerings if you're looking for ergonomic solutions for your lab.


Innovative offers several types of surface/desktop mounts but in labs we're frequently asked to mount arms to island shelving uprights. For this installation, we screwed their 8325 wall mount bracket to the shelving upright and inserted the laptop arm. It could not have been easier.

Laptop Arm - Ergonomic Components
8325 Wall Mount Bracket

Laptop Arm

The model number of the arm we used was Innovative's 7000-T-500HY-FM which supports a 1-14 lb laptop.


  • Instantly raise and lower the laptop with one handed repositioning.
  • Rotates 360 degrees at 3 joints for optimal ergonomic comfort and flexibility.
  • Accommodates laptops of most sizes with a convenient adjustable bracket.
  • Arm offers 24" of horizontal range and 16" of vertical range; folds to occupy just 3" of space.
Laptop Arm - Ergonomic Components
7000-T-500HY-FM Laptop Arm

Counterbalance Mechanism

We were concerned about the arm's counterbalance mechanism as the laptop that we were working with was on the low end of the specified weight range. But what started as a concern ended up being one of our favorite things about the product. The counterbalance is adjustable with a 7/32" Allen wrench (supplied with the arm), so we were able to fine-tune the balance so that the laptop was sturdy in any position.

Laptop Arm - Ergonomic Components
Laptop Arm Counterbalance Adjustment

Not Just Laptop Arms

Innovative offers more than just laptop arms, they have an extensive selection of ergonomic products that we look forward to using on future projects. If you have questions about this installation or incorporating monitor arms into your lab design feel free to call us toll free at 866.522.3498 or email us at: As always, glad to help.



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