Added Drop In Sinks

Additional Drop-in Sinks

We have added the following sinks to our line of epoxy resin drop-in lab sinks:

  • D30D - 18" L x 15" W x 11" D - ea. bowl
  • D33 - 21" L x 17" W x 10" D
  • D68E - 30" L x 16" W x 10" D


Probably the most significant addition was the D30D double-tub sink. Currently, this is the only double-tub drop-in sink available.

D30D - Top View
D30D - Section View

D33 and D68E

The D33 (corner drain) sink is the cousin of the D33E (end drain).

The D68E sink is a shallower version of the D61 (10" D vs. 17-3/4" D).

Product Chart

The downloadable drop-in sink Product Chart has also been updated to include these additional sinks.

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