Installing a large epoxy resin pegboard

Dimensional Details

The pegboard was 1" thick black epoxy resin - 72" W. x 30" H.. Additionally, the pegboard was furnished with two (2) 1" thick black epoxy resin adjustable shelves - 35" L. x 13" D.. The combined weight of the pegboard and shelves was approximately 220 lb. The key to the installation was using Monarch Metal’s MFSTR-050 Z-clips and strips.

Dimensional Details - MFSTR-050 Z-Clip


We mounted 60" L. MFSTR-050 Z-strips to the CMU (concrete masonry unit) block wall using 1/4" Hollow-Set Dropin Anchors (Powers No. 9320) and 1/4"-20 machine screws. We then attached 2" L. Z-clips to the back of the pegboard using #12 x 3/4" sheet metal screws (3/16" pilot hole). We used four clips per strip (8 clips total).

Installing a large epoxy resin pegboard
60" L. MFSTR-050 Z-Strips Mounted to Wall
Installing a large epoxy resin pegboard
2" L. MFSTR-050 Z-Clip Attached to the Back of the Pegboard

In the Future

Up to this point, we have been installing our smaller, standard size epoxy resin pegboards using Monarch’s MF375 Z-clips and strips which have a smaller projection than the MFSTR-050 (1/4" width vs. 1/2" width). However, we discovered it’s much easier to adjust the left-to-right positioning of the pegboard after it’s hung when using the MFSTR-050 (the pegboard slides more easily on the wider strips), so we may start using it on all of our epoxy pegboard installations.



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