Stainless Steel Drip Trough Pegboards


Each pegboard is 20 gauge stainless steel type 304 polished to a #4 finish. Includes a drip trough with 36" clear flexible drain tube, white polypropylene pegs, and wall mount bracket.

Product Chart138.31 KB

ModelDimensionsPegsWeight (lbs)Price ($)
V182418" W x 24" H1516325.61
V183018" W x 30" H2416368.04
V183618" W x 36" H3019389.69
V241824" W x 18" H1613342.99
V242424" W x 24" H2016388.75
V243024" W x 30" H3219408.60
V243624" W x 36" H4021466.37
V302430" W x 24" H2520445.46
V303030" W x 30" H5024453.85
V303630" W x 36" H4023474.03
V362436" W x 24" H3021464.40
V363036" W x 30" H6023496.26
V363636" W x 36" H6625553.94
V482448" W x 24" H4022717.05
V483048" W x 30" H4826795.11
V483648" W x 36" H8831904.79


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